About I N T I S H A A R

Dear Sisters…

Ahlan wa marhaban, welcome to Intishaar Islamic Design.

 In designing our jilbab, we always think of the

so many roles that our Muslim sisters must play everyday.

Some are housewives blessed by Allah swt with children to take care of,

Some are mothers with business to manage or careers outside their home we juggle,

Some are on paper chase…

But we have one thing in common, we are women whom with all these roles to play,

still wanna look chic, classy and elegant in a comfortable & modest attire.

 We invite our Muslim sisters to view our clothing lines.


Navy or Nautical l Classy or Continental

The choice is yours for Eid 1433H

Vibrant Pink & Turquoise

The Classy Piece

Nursing Moms Line

Plus Size

Pick one or two of your choice and email us at

elintishaar@yahoo.com or intishaarid@gmail.com

to place your orders and for further details.

Happy Shopping…!


11 Responses

  1. Salam…

    I love your designs. I’m a big fan of black. I’m interested with your collection, can I request for black instead of the respective displayed colours?

  2. Salam, Sis Adhara.

    Actually at Intishaar ID, we designed the jilbabs & abayas in other colors than black. We wanna say that jilbab & abaya don’t have to be in black all the time.

    Anyhow, Insya Allah, we shall have one design exactly as Mint Green, IN GRAY, launched by this week. You can give GRAY a shot… 🙂

    Another design coming exactly as Vintage Lilac Lace, in Black & White, depending on the availability of the cotton lycra material in our factory. Do check out our blog or FB page from time to time ya…


    Fi AmaniLlah,
    Admin IID

  3. salam. can i know what stuffs from you are still available? 🙂 and how can i conct you?

    • Salam to you Sis.

      All the jilbabs & abayas that you see on the blog are available in S, M & L. Which of the jilbabs are you interested in, Sis?

      To know which sizes fits you, pls take a measuring tape, measure around your bust. All our jilbab flares in design, so you can rest assured it fits around your hips.

      Are you from Msia? Pls contact our Intishaar ID Msia dealer, Sis Deena at 013-369 0264.

      Fi AmaniLLah,
      Admin IID

  4. Salam

    Do you do wholesale??

  5. Assalam Alaykium sister,

    I love these designs, I’m from Uk and wanted to know if you deliever to the UK. I’m particularly interested in the navy and grey military designs and would like to know the price in pounds. Thanks!

  6. Assalam Alaykium sister,

    I love these designs and I was wondering if you deliever to the Uk. I’m particularly interested in the navy and grey military designs and wanted to know the price in pounds if possiable. Thanks!

  7. Great Stuff, MashaALLAH. Please do join, network and promote on http://www.UmmahLinked.com.

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