Black Abaya With a Touch of Turquoise l عباية سوداء مع لمسة من اللون الفيروزي

Entrée to 1432H, Intishaar ID brings to you a

popular color in fashion, always stylish and never out of trend; Black Abaya

…with a Touch of Turqouisea color known as

A Symbol of Wealth in many ancient cultures.


Black Makes the Wearer Appears Slimmer.

Abaya comes WITHOUT the pendant

Black Symbolizes Elegance and Refinement.

Length are all 60 inches so that sisters can alter the abaya to your desired length.

 A great complementary color with accessories like a turquoise pendant…

Close Up with a Chic Defined Around the Neckline with a Tuck

 Black Always Regarded as Prestigious.

Available Sizes: XS, S, M & L

Black; a color that remains STYLISH and TIMELESS.

Material is Single Jersey Cotton
Wrist Defining Tie
Price: MYR269, USD89
(inclusive postage and handling within Malaysia)

Some prefer fit to the body while others like it loose.

You are not sure which size suits you best, then feel free to email our Intishaar Team at or

We are here to assist you.


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