East Meets West in Suede ~ A Taste of PINK

Suitable for Eid Fitri this year, we present to you, a new limited edition East Meets West Jilbab made from suede textile imported from Egypt.


“Almost all words do have color..

and nothing is more pleasant than to utter a pink word

and see someone’s eyes light up

and know it is a pink word for him or her too…”

So here goes… A TASTE OF PINK DRESS with turquoise sleeve.

Comes with exclusive matching shawl. Different design for each customer.

 The standard length is 60 inches.

 Sleeves can be unbutton easily when sisters wanna take wudhu for your daily prayers.

PINK ~ the color of happiness

Front Pocket ~ Inspired by Korean Traditional Dress

MYR399 # GBP79 #  USD119

(FREE delivery within Malaysia)

Some prefer fit to the body while others like it loose.

You are not sure which size suits you best, then feel free to email our Intishaar Team at

elintishaar@yahoo.com or intishaarid@gmail.com

We are here to assist you, Insya ALlah.


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